Precast Concrete Forms ( Moulds)

All of the moulds are customer made

Retaining Walls

L-shaped  retaining wall

There are many types of L-shaped retaining walls with plane or designed surface.

The designed panel can be set  on the form  and it is exchangeable  for different design.


A revetment block  called  " KAGO BOX" has the function of vegetation and aquatic organisms protection.

 This aesthetic and environment-conscious product has superior performance in flood control and installation.

The form is with high quality, high productivity and high durability.


“Furusato” is a precast concrete product for revetment purpose and it is integrated by 6 blocks linked with a steel bar.

 It enables the high flexibility and therefore high construction efficiency.

The side jackets of the form are very complicated and need to be opened carefully and widely when de-moulding.

Toyotaforms makes it possible to open/close the side jackets easily and quickly by  hand without using hydraulic or electrical device.

Green retaining wall

The green retaining walls  is a product used for creating green landscape by planting trees, flowers, or grasses.

The  product can be stacked  or piled  up to 30 meters high.

Golcon Block

Golcon Block is designed as an ideal vertical retaining wall block specializing in safety, construction efficiency and economic efficiency.

It is certificated to be constructed up to 5.0 meters for the residential area (by Act on Regulation of Residential Land Development) and up to 10.0 meters for the civilengineering (by Public Works ResearchCenter).

Toyota provides the forms with high technology and productivity for making these products which has complex shape.

Precast Concrete Forms

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