Precast Concrete Forms ( Moulds)

All of the moulds are customer made


Tunnel Segment Forms

These are super-high precision tunnel segment forms that provide ±0.01" tolerance. 

Tunnel Floor Forms

The tunnel floor panel is used for the high-way base in the tunnel. Normally the panel will be with 30' in length and 5' in width. 

Elevator Shaft

Assembly Precast Concrete Elevator Shaft can be installed outside a building.

Installation takes about 5 days with the exception of the foundation work.

Since the height of this product depends on the floor heights of the building, the heights of the forms have to be flexible and adjustble.

Toyotaforms designs and makes the forms to be able to change the size and re-assembly in short time easily and safely. 

Forms for railway

Toyotaforms also makes the forms for any kinds of concrete products for railway  such as cable  trough , balustrade , safety platform,etc.

Precast Concrete Forms

Wet-cast Production Equipment