Precast Concrete Forms ( Moulds)

All of the moulds are customer made


Manhole Base Shell

This form is designed to produce a manhole base shell that has a base floor and straight wall.

The inner core is collapsible using the Toyota 'one-touch' system which is coupled with an adjustable base pallet that allows for production of varying base shell heights.

This form can be opened for stripping in less than 1 minute.

Monolithic Base Shell with Cast in Channel

This form is designed to produce a base shell with cast-in channels.

The quick change inner core cap allows versatility for production of various channel types . The inner core cap can be custom manufactured to any degree that may be required.

Examples include: 90 degree Right, 90 degree Left and 180 degrees and so on.


This form can also be produced with any type of mandrel for holding inserts. Examples include: Boot, clay pipe , A-Lok and Sand sleeve styles.

Manhole Cones

These forms are available in both Eccentric and Concentric styles.

They are also available with the Toyota 'one-touch' step insert holding system which allows for quick and easy stripping.

Manhole Riser

This is a 10-cavity form that will produce 10 pieces of the manhole riser in one pour.

It has a collapsible inner form and is very easy to pour and strip.

Manhole Forms with the Cast-in Steps

This manhole cone form will produce a cone with 'cast-in' steps.

It is easy to set the steps in position for pouring and the Toyota 'one-touch' retractable inner core allows for easy stripping.

Precast Concrete Forms

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